I am around all day today (Sunday) as normal, and free all next week.

I have had people call asking me if I am accessible due to the floods, I am on a hill and it would take a flood of biblical proportions to affect me,  no where in my  local area has been affected by floods so no problems there.  If you are coming a long distance and are worried about potential problems with the roads due to flooding have a look at the traffic sites online which are pretty reliable and can tell you whether you route is affected.

I woke up this morning to find 2 lots of missed calls from people wanting to book me during the early hours of the morning, one had called at 1.30am the other at 3am, I always put my phone on silent at night due to this.  I call it the weekend drunk shift, people out on a night out, getting home at 3am drunk,  then thinking it would be a really good idea to call me to arrange a session doh!