More availability for this week here, as always, appointments are on the day via the phone, or in advance with a deposit, phone on from 7am every morning.

Thursday 1st Sept – Free all day

Friday 2nd Sept – Free all day

Saturday 3rd Sept – Free until 6pm

Sunday 4th Sept – Booked

Also fitness tips, as promised to someone who is trying to shape up, or else he gets a humiliating punishment from me.  I meet so many people who have had a go at running, and can tell me about the various injury’s they have suffered as a result.  One of the reasons I have used a cross trainer for years is the smooth range of motion, and minimum impact on my joints, I currently have a Nordic track and its fantastic, I put my tablet on a shelf on the control panel and listen to the radio or watch TV while I do it and the 40 minutes fly past.  I am not saying running is bad for everyone and I am not a qualified trainer, but just come across lots of people who have had problems doing it.  I think weight training to build muscle, combined with aerobic exercise is the way to stay healthy long term, and I think you need to do both to really succeed.  If you don’t succeed you get punished by me!  I also love these new activity trackers, I wear the Fitbit surge, and think it is fantastic, and really helps keep track of how I am doing, I just have to be careful not to wear it during a spanking session, otherwise I run the battery out, as it counts every spank as a step.  It monitors your sleep, resting heart rate, pulse, you have to wonder in 10 years time what else these gadgets will do, technology seems to be moving so quickly these days.

I did a lovely electrics session this morning where my victim got up to 100% on my box, without screaming.  Also some great spanking sessions at the weekend, so a great week so far.