Here is my availability for the rest of the month.


Monday 11th – Free all day

Tuesday 12th – Free until 3.30, then free after 5.30

Wednesday 13th – Free all day

Thursday 14th – Free all day

Friday 15th – Free all day

Saturday 16th – Free until 6pm

Sunday 17th-24th – I am taking the week off this week and relaxing at home, please do not contact me during this time as I will also be switching my phone off.

Monday 25th – Free all day

Tuesday 26th – Free after 12.30

Wednesday 27th – Free all day

Thursday 28th – Free all day

Friday 29th – Free all day

Saturday 30th – Free until 6pm


As always call on the day to get the time you want, my availability is good as 99% of people book me on the day.  Phone on from 7am so feel free to call me from then.