Availability for 20th-28th Feb

Monday 20th – Free all day

Tuesday 21st – Free all day

Wednesday 22nd- Free from 12.30

Thursday 23rd- Free after 1.30

Friday 24th- Free all day

Saturday 25th- Free all day

Sunday – 26th Free all day

Monday 27th – Free all day

Tuesday 28th – Free all day.

As always call as early as you can on the day to get the time you want phone on from 7am, availability is good as 99% of people book me on the day.  I see a limited amount of people in a week,I dont do rushed conveyor belt style sessions.



A word on reviews, some lovely people have offered to do them for me over the years and I always say thank you but no.  I am very established and have been doing this for over 10 years, with a website that has been up all that time, and as someone pointed out to me this week, a very active blog so you can see I am around and working and it’s not a dormant site.  Anyone can get someone to write them a few reviews and stick them up on various sites, or get regular clients to write glowing ones, or even DIY reviews, they are too easy to fake, I dont think they are any measure of how good the lady you are seeing is at all.  I also think what I do is personal and should be kept on a one to one basis.  Even a terrible mistress will be able to get a couple of clients to write her a few reviews. I think a good way to choose someone good to visit is by the way they write their website, how they deal with you on the phone or email, and how long have they been working?

This is not a criticism of anyone who puts reviews on their site or encourages them, this is just my own personal take on reviews.