Here is the rest of my availability for December.  If anything changes I will adjust this page.

As always most people book me on the day so this is why my availability is so good.  My phone is on from 7am, plenty of notice is appreciated.

Monday 19th – Free all day

Tuesday 20th – Free all day

Wednesday 21st – Free all day

Thursday 22nd – Free all day

Friday 23rd – Free all day

Saturday 24th – Free all day

Sunday 25th – Not available

Monday 26th – Not available

Tuesday 27th – Free from midday.

Wednesday 28th – Free all day

Thursday 29th – Free all day

Friday 30th – Free all day

Saturday 31st – Free until 4.00pm, please call early to arrange an appointment on this day.

Monday 1st Jan – Free all day


Unfortunately I have had more people booking me on the off chance, please only book if you know for certain you can make it, the most common scenario is the overrunning business meeting or at this time of year, you are in my area visiting family and plan to see me on your way back home, except said visit takes far longer than you thought.  This results in a cancellation usually at the last minute.  In the meantime I have turned several people away for that time, and I am unable to call them back for obvious reasons.  Please only call to arrange to see me if you know you can definitely make it.