My availability this week is as normal, and I am around all of October, I cant believe it’s almost October and I am still in my Summer clothes.

I finally found out why I was having problems with my mobile phone all month and unfortunately lots of calls were not getting through, it was not the phone, which was sent back 3 times for repair finding no faults, it was not the sim, which was replaced, it turned out to be the 4G signal.  As soon as I turned that off, most of the calls started to come through, although still not perfect, at least most people could get in contact with me again. So it turned out to be a local signal problem that needed to be fixed,  if anyone reading is having the same problem turn 4G off and call your mobile phone provider, mentioning this issue, it took several calls for them to get to the bottom of it, and they could find no problems at all until this week, making me think it was my phone, I am going to keep displaying the other number on my site just in case.