I cant believe it is almost June, the time has gone so quickly this year.  I have had a great month, with some particularly great sessions, the San Quentin chastity device, was great fun, a metal cage to lock a cock away in, I really recommend it as it is a generous fit for the larger gentleman!  Pinning someone face down while I fucked their ass with a special long toy, so I can do it properly, gave me a great upper body workout too.  A prolonged session with electrics, and anal play at the same time, some great role plays.

A few people have asked me about the cuckold scene on Boardwalk Empire, so I have put a link here . http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x258ryo_boardwalk-empire-season-4-scene_redband

I have bought 2 new pieces of equipment for my spanking sessions from Quality Control, which I will enjoy spanking you all with.




The remote control 10 speed vibrating butt plug arrived today, and it works this time, the previous one had a faulty controller.


Availability For The Rest Of May

If there are times I am listed as unavailable, this also means I cant answer the phone at those times, so if you want to see me, call me before 9am, or just after the time I say I am free.  I am currently busier than usual so please call me early if you want to arrange as I don’t session back to back and do a limited amount of sessions in a week.

Saturday 23rd Free all day, Appointments after 6pm are available to people who have seen me before only.

Sunday 24th: Free all day until 5.30

Monday 25th: Free all day.

Tuesday 26th Free from 1.30

Wednesday 27th/Thursday 28th Free all day.

Friday 29th: I am busy until 4.30 on this day. **If you have seen me before feel free to call on Thursday to book for Friday.

Saturday 30th: Free until 6pm

Sunday 31st Free all day.