Availability this week.

Monday:  Free from 1pm

Tuesday 9th – Free from 1.30pm (doing new photographs during the morning)

Wednesday 10th – Free all day

Thursday 11th – Free all day

Friday – 12th Free all day

Saturday – 13th Free all day until 6pm (Please call as early as you can to book on this day)

Sunday – 14th Free all day


This last week has been great though, a cruel session yesterday where I used the E-stim, which stimulated my victim so much he came without much warning mid way through the session, leaving me with no choice but to use the strap-on on him afterwards, strap on after orgasm, how cruel. Two lovely CP sessions today, both who could have marks so I don’t have to be too careful.  I just have to try and fit the Male Chauvinist Pig in this week, dress him up as a girl and teach him a lesson (you know who you are).

I will be having new photographs taken this week, and I have lovely new lingerie and outfits to wear, the only PVC I will wear are my over the knee boots.  I have a new lady boss dress and will try and sneak the strap on in somewhere.