I got a bit inspired today, wondering what the tartiest outfit I could possibly buy would be, I can make anything look classy, but my tarty cross dressers always seem to slut everything up no matter what I put them in.  So Male chauvinist pig, I have ordered you a lovely red crotch less body stocking for you to wear for me, at least that way you can keep it on while I use my strap-on on you.


Availability 8th-14th August

Monday 8th – Free all day

Tuesday 9th – Free all day

Wednesday 10th – Free all day

Thursday 11th – Free until 2pm, then again after 6.30

Friday 12th – Free all day

Saturday 13th – Free until 6pm

Sunday – 14th Free all day

Call on the day to get the time you want, phone on from 7am, please call early, I do this so you can call me before work, I really am up at 7am, you wont be waking me up.  I have had people call later in the day as they don’t want to be rude calling me to early, and by then it’s too late as I am fully booked.


As I have repeated to many people this week, advance bookings are only with a deposit, lots of people who have claimed to have read my website are trying to do this less the deposit..   If I took advance bookings from people I see, even on a regular basis I would be booked weeks ahead, which would be great for my vanity, but not for my sanity.  How many of you reading this have booked someone only for something to go wrong with work, day off cancelled, wife hasn’t gone out  for the day after all,  just don’t feel like it, the answer is most of you.  If someone cancels on a lady who takes appointments in advance it is virtually impossible for her to re-book that slot, as everyone knows she is booked ahead. Even moving a session on the day to a different time is a nightmare, and calling around trying to move people to accommodate someone who has had to change times is very unprofessional, and is a great way to make a reputation as an unreliable domme.  So any one wanting to see me in advance, I have to take a deposit, otherwise call on the day.