Here is my availability for the upcoming week.  As always as 99% of my appointments are made on the day, so my availability is good.  Please call early from 7am to get the time you want.


Monday 7th – Free all day

Tuesday 8th – Free all day

Wednesday 9th – Free all day

Thursday 10th – Free all day

Friday 11th – Free all day

Saturday 12th – Fully booked.

Sunday 13th – Free from 9-11.45, then free after 5pm  (please call as early as you can to arrange, I will not be able to answer the phone between 12-4.)


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Then this week someone saw me who wanted to dress up as a prom queen in the dress I had bought last week, it looks so lovely and feminine on, and fit perfectly, I am a good judge of size.  Just to add a little bit more humiliation, I added a cheap pair of bright pink nylon panties, they were so stretchy I didnt even have to take them off him, to use my big strap on.


Lots of Corporal punishment sessions this week, I buy really top quality equipment from Quality Control, I am so picky when it comes to what I use, there is so much rubbish out there that just doesn’t do the job properly.  I love to start with a thorough hand spanking, then warming up more with a lightweight paddle and strap, then using implements that are slightly thicker and harsher as I go, finishing, if someone can take it that is, with the cane.  This always minimises the marks.  I love to see a perfectly red bum at the end of the session, with 2 symetrical red circles or stripes on each side.