A great week, a particularly memorable session, with someone who loves his little Weenis (Scottish for small penis) being humiliated, but I did a very cruel thing and put it into the penis pump, to give him a glimpse of what his little friend would look like if it had grown to a normal size, in his words he felt for a brief moment like Priapus, then sadly the next morning back to Dan McWeenis and his micropenis.  I would have put an image of Priapus the Greek god of fertility here but am always aware of copying pictures from other sites to put on my blog is a bit dodgy due to copyright, so you will just have to google it, his statues are something to behold.


Here is my availability for the coming week.

Monday 4th April – Free all day

Tuesday 5th April – Free all day

Wednesday 6th April – Free all day

Thursday 7th April – Free all day

Friday 8th April – Free all day

Saturday 9th April – Free until 6pm

Sunday 10th April – Free until 4pm