Availability for the coming week.  I am around this weekend as usual.  Next week I am around every day apart from Wednesday the 2nd of April where I am free after 1pm.  As usual please call me as early in the day as you can to get the time you want (phone on from 7am).

I have had lots of calls at silly o’clock this month, it is funny as it goes in waves.  One month nothing, the next month for a few days 3 of 4 of them, more around a full moon, which apparently can do funny things to people and usually on a weekend when people go out and drink too much alcohol.  Thank goodness I sleep with the phone on silent.  One person did this to me and then called the next day to apologise as he was very drunk when he did it, and in his words “felt like a total prat”.  You cant take these things to seriously, and have to laugh, when you are out of your head after drinking 10 vodka shots, calling Mistress Rose at 2am probably seems like a perfectly normal thing to do.  This is one of the reasons I don’t drink.