Availability so far for the first week of May.

3rd May – Free from 11

4th May – Free from 12.30

5th May  – Free all day

6th May – Free all day

7th May- Not available

8th May – Free all day


I took Sunday off and went out shopping, and managed to buy a (faux)leather skirt to wear in sessions.  Sex shop type PVC/leather never seems to fit properly so I thought I would go to a regular shop and get something decent, it looks quite smart and I could easy be the sexy lady boss dressed in it as it comes to the knee.

I had some entertaining sessions this week, one where I treated someone as a girlie maid in a very skimpy outfit, and told her she was going to be pimped out to guests in order to get the wage rise she was begging me for, which meant I had to show her how to take a strap on, to prepare her for the real thing, stretching her pussy to take big cocks.  I felt like a naughty lesbian doing it and really got into character.  I have a skimpy maids outfit and 2 frilly sissy ones, trouble is, the sissy ones are really warm, and with the weather getting warmer, extremely uncomfortable as you just get too hot.  So if you want to wear one, bear this in mind in the warm weather.

Tights bitch has been on the phone to me again, he is a glutton for punishment and has ordered 3 pairs of thick bottle green woolly tights for me to put him in, if you are reading this, which I am sure you are, book me on a really hot day, to wear those lovely thick hot woolly tights while you are tied up, a hole cut in the back and strap on fucked in them, in your green gingham dress.