Remember although availability looks good each week, this is because I take 99% of appointments on the day, my phone starts ringing from 7am, please call early to get the time you want.

Monday 31st October – Free all day

Tuesday 1st November – Free all day

Wednesday 2nd November – Now free all day due to a last minute cancellation **

Thursday 3rd – Free all day **

Friday 4th – Free all day **

Saturday 5th – Free all day

Sunday 6th – Free all day.

** I have work being done on my patio by a good friend on Thur 3rd/Fri 4th morning until 12.30, he is working outside at the back of my property, and will not be coming in the house when I am sessioning or doing anything at the front of the house.  Most people are fine with this, but I thought it best to mention on here, if you are thinking of coming on those days for a morning appointment





Look at this pretty prom dress, with a pink taffeta skirt and a white embroidered bodice, made in China, from the finest nylon. I know someone cant wait to wear this and look pretty for me, the skirt hides a multitude of sins, and would look even better with a nice pink bow around the waist.  It is a rather large size, too large for me or course.  I did buy myself a rather short PVC skirt instead, I keep getting asked for them, but the one I did buy is too big, this one fits perfectly though.