Availability 28th November – 4th December

As always 99% of people book me on the day, which is why my availability is so good, please call early to arrange the time you want, my phone is on from 7am.


Monday 28th – Free all day

Tuesday 29th – Free all day

Wednesday 30th – Free all day

Thursday 1st – Free all day

Friday 2nd – Free after 12.30

Saturday 3rd – Free until 6pm

Sunday 4th – Free all day


Cross Dressing

I took advantage of the internet sales on over the weekend to buy new dresses for those of you who like to cross dress, I have found that the frilly maid outfits that were so popular for several years when people came to see me are not as popular as they once were, everyone seems to want regular dresses now, nothing too over the top or fussy.  I have bought some stretchy party dresses that are easy to get on and off, so we don’t spend all the session time getting dressed, they should arrive late this week.  I have to admit though they are all tight and figure revealing, so don’t expect to look classy, mind you that makes them even more desirable.