Availability 28th August – 3rd September


Monday 28th – Free all day

Tuesday 29th – Free all day

Wednesday 30th – Free all day

Thursday 31st – Free all day

Friday 1st  – Free all day

Saturday 2nd – Free from 11am until 6pm

Sunday 3rd – Free all day

My availability is good as 99% of my appointments are on the day.  Please let me know as early in the day as possible as to what time you want, so I can plan my day, phone on from 7am.


A great week, I took quite a few afternoons off in the end and enjoyed the weather and got out.  I also got out the 12″ bad boy and gave someone a good going over with it,  I used my E-stim and made someone cum with it, which is rare, not many people react to it like that, but I love it when it happens as it’s like using a remote control to make a cock cum.  A session involving nettles and nipples, although the nettles now have lost some of their sting, the spring ones are far harsher, however, luckily Deep Heat is always available when nettle season is over.  I have someone in mind for a lovely relaxing deep heat massage this week, all over his cock and balls,  lets hope he has not shaved beforehand.


Today, a rather annoying call, 9.30am someone wanting to come and see me again, wants a session at 3, then changes his mind and wants 5.  Listening to him I was pretty sure if I did take the appointment I would get a cancellation much later in the day.  Some people book when they are really horny, then as the hours go by, sort themselves out with some fetish porn and their hand, then decide to cancel, which is a real pain if your me and have turned other people away.  Luckily I assumed this is what would happen and told him he couldnt book me now and to call me later at short notice which he promised faithfully he would do, did he? of course not, I assume he lasted about 5 minutes after the phone call.  I feel I have developed a sixth sense for these calls now, which is probably why I have had 0 no-shows or cancellations this month, everyone has turned up, and that is the case most months thank goodness.


Time Off – Advance notice.

During September I am off between the 17th – 24th and wont be available at all that week.