I can’t believe I am writing my end of September, early October availability, but here it is.

28th September : Free all day

29th September: Free from 12.30

30th September: Free from 11.00am

1st October: Free all day

2nd October: Free all day

3rd October: Free all day

4th October: Free until 11am then after 5.30

If you have seen me before, you can book an appointment for Saturday/Sunday in advance without a deposit as I have limited availability..

As always, call early to get the time you want, phone on from 7am.


PVC/LATEX Ban Lifted From Oct 1st

As the weather will cool down in the next few weeks I am now going to be able to session wearing PVC and Latex again and be comfortable wearing it, although it is a small percentage of you who request it these days, I do have 2 latex dresses and one PVC outfit available, as well as 3 pairs of PVC boots.

It’s funny how fashions change over the years, the old image of a pro-domme, decked in studded PVC who would look perfectly in place in a 1980’s Alice Cooper or Twisted Sister heavy metal video is mostly on the way out, but if you want the retro look to take you back to your youth of the 1980’s it’s no problem, I may even do the big hair to go with it if you ask nicely.