Availability 27th Feb – 5th March


Monday 27th Feb – Free all day

Tuesday 28th Feb – Free all day

Wednesday 1st March – Free all day

Thursday 2nd March – Free all day

Friday 3rd March – Free all day

Saturday 4th March – Free all day

Sunday 5th March – Free all day

As 99% of my bookings are made on the day, my availability looks good, but as always, please call as early as you can from 7am to get the time you want otherwise you may find I am fully booked for the day.


It has been a great month, I usually hate February as that’s the month that is usually the worst for weather, cold, wet, snowy, but this year it has not been that bad.  I even have flowers coming out in my back garden.  Lots of sessions, quite a few more spanking ones, I think I have everything I need now, a good selection of straps, paddles, tawses, canes, floggers, and all top quality very well made equipment from Quality Control.  More lady boss scenarios which I love, and one day would like to do in a real office, I think if employment law allowed it, my methods would really make sure sales reps made their targets.

Dressing a Male Chauvinist Pig up in a ladies velvet evening dress, and fucking him with a dildo far too big for him, I really mean it, It was wrong, but he so deserved it for his terrible attitude towards women.  I made him tuck his cock in between his legs to prevent his cock sticking out of the dress like a tent, that was embarrassing for him too.