Monday 25th July – Free all day

Tuesday 26th July –  Free all day

Wednesday 27th July – Free from 12

Thursday 28th July – Free all day

Friday 29th July – Free all day

Saturday 30th July – Free until 6pm

Sunday 31st July – Free all day

Please call as early as you can from 7am to arrange.


I am into weight training and fitness and have been, since I was 17. I do weights twice a week and my nordic track cross trainer 6 days a week, I have a lot of discipline to keep fit, no personal trainer needed. Other people are not like me and need help, such as Ben who contacted me this week to say he is doing a couch to 5k, and needs motivation to keep to his fitness plan.  I offered to help with this, and to achieve his goals.

Ben, if you don’t make set targets, it will not be pleasant, you can only take a small dildo attached to my strap on at the moment, this would change if you don’t keep up with the program, your eyes will bulge out of your head when your bent over taking it, doing the splits will have a whole new meaning to you.  I have ordered online a very embarrassing, very feminine dress, to arrive this week, I will take a picture of it and publish it on here, you will have to wear it for me, and act like a girl, something that you will hate.  With me helping you, you will look like a muscled up dreamboy by Christmas, so I am doing this for your own good.