I am around as below next week.

Monday 24th – Free all day

Tuesday 25th – Free all day

Wednesday 26th – Free all day

Thursday 27th – Free until 5.30

Friday 28th – Free until 5pm

Saturday 29th – Free all day

Sunday 30th – Free all day

As always my availability looks good as 99% of people book me on the day, so please call as early as possible, phone on from 7am. 


Chastity Bitch is back again, dissapointed though, as I had intended to spend the day shopping in Guildford, until it started raining non-stop and as most of the shops in Guildford are not undercover , I decided to cancel and stay indoors instead.  So here is another pic of me with the key around my neck as jewellery again, I wonder how many keys I can collect on this necklace, each one representing a very frustrated cock.  Would you believe the person who the key belongs to tried to bribe me with a box of Lindt chocolates!, not good enough, must try harder, do I really look like that much of a pushover.