Availability 22nd-28th August

Monday 22nd Free until 6pm ( I would really appreciate people calling me as early as they possibly can to arrange a booking on this day)

Tuesday 23rd – Free all day

Wednesday 24th – Free all day

Thursday 25th – Free all day

Friday 26th  – Free all day

Saturday 27th – Free until 6pm***

Sunday 28th  – Free all day***

Monday 29th – Free all day***

Tuesday 30th – Free all day

Wednesday 31st –  Free all day

***Please give me lots of notice over the bank holiday weekend if you want to arrange a session by calling as early as you can on the day, the earlier you call the easier it is for me to plan my day,  my phone will be on from 7am as usual,  and I am happy to see you from 9am.

I am currently very busy and do not do conveyor belt style back to back rushed sessions.  I see a limited amount of people in day so I can be on top form and do things properly, please call nice and early to book me to get the time you want.