My availability is as follows for this week.

22nd – Free all day

23rd – Free all day

24th – Free all day

25th – Free all day

26th – Free all day

27th – Free until 12pm, then late afternoon/evening

28th – Free all day

If anything changes, this page will be updated.


A great month, apart from 2 days ago when my computer died, it served me well, an antique at 4 and a half years old, luckily I made regular backups so nothing lost, new one arriving today, much faster so cant wait to set it up.  Someone turned up in a lovely lacy bodystocking, assless! under his clothes, I would love one myself (not assless) but can never find one with long enough legs, I could possibly get away with it if I wore it with boots.  The Male chauvinist pig turned up and wore a lovely 100% pure nylon day glo pink outfit that barely covered his bum or cock for that matter, the matching thong was as thin as dental floss.  Lots of spankings and punishing bad boys for peeking at girls in the changing rooms, as well as lots of strap on.