I will be free all week as normal.  Just call up on the day as early as you can to arrange a session.


Spunk Lube

I have found a fantastic new lube called “Spunk” lube which is silicone and water based but does not stain everything it comes into contact with which normal silicone lubes do, and is easy to wash off (http://www.uberkinky.co.uk/spunk-lube-hybrid-91876.html), it looks just like spunk which is useful for some session scenarios.   Someone bought a bottle they had got in America to a session and I was very impressed with it.   I didn’t realise you could now get it here, so I ordered a couple of bottles.  I just wish the pump bottles that all the lube manufacturers used worked, at the moment I find 50% don’t and I have to swap out the pumps, so annoying.