I had an enjoyable 4 days of this week, on one of the days I went to an amazing ice cream parlour and had a Nutella covered waffle the size of my head sprinkled in coconut, it was incredible, not to mention the chocolate mini eggs with bits of dime bar them that melt in your mouth, mind you the amount of walking I did burned it all off and then some. I then came back to great sessions, one with the Male chauvinist pig, who will never see the error of his ways, forgot to bring me a gift he had promised of a lindt chocolate bunny, and had to be dressed up in cheap nylon undies, spanked, ass fucked and cock punished severely, as well as someone in need of a harsh over the knee spanking, he managed to stay in that position for a whole half hour, strong arms are needed for that one.


Booking system

I have changed the wording on the booking section of my website slightly, as I have been established for over 9 years now and I am very busy with people visiting me who have been seeing me for some time, as well as new people.  It means that if you call late in the day quite often you wont be able to get the time you want.  Some people think they are being polite calling after 11, but by then my phone has been on for 4 hours and quite often the popular times have gone.

The most popular times to book me are between 11am-3pm Monday to Friday, the quietest times are weekends and evenings/late afternoons.  I am asking if at all possible for people to bear this in mind and if they want an appointment at my busiest times, to call between 7am-10.45am to have the best chance of seeing me, I don’t do back to back/conveyor belt sessions, so I only do a limited amount of appointment’s in a day.  Calls later than this time are still welcome, and last minute appointment’s are still fine if I am free.

Advance bookings are still welcome, but unfortunately have to be arranged with a deposit,  I have been let down too many times to risk doing them without one, having had days where I have turned lots of people away only to have someone call 30 minutes before the start time to cancel happens more often than you would think.  I can take the deposit in several easy ways, just call for info.

Availability 21st to 27th March

21st – Free all day

22nd – Free all day

23rd – Free from 1.30-5.00

24th – Free all day

25th – Free all day

26th – Free all day

27th – Free all day