Availability 1st – 4th June


Thursday 1st – Free all day **

Friday 2nd – Free all day **

Saturday 3rd – Booked

Sunday 4th – I will have availability for most of the day, but will post on here Saturday from what time.

** On the 1st and 2nd a friend is doing work on my property far away from the dungeon room in the downstairs utility room from about 8am-4.30pm.  He knows what I do and I can still session while he is here, he would not see you coming and going and is very discreet.  I will be able to take an hour while he is out for lunch if I have any of you are uncomfortable with him being there.


I am around as normal for most of June, but thought I would give advance notice of when I am not going to be available.  

I will not be available on the following dates in June 17th-18th I have been pre-booked for 2 days so cant do those dates at all.  I have more work happening on the property I session from, from June 19th-24th, where I cannot session while it is going on.