I am around all this week as normal, but will be taking some time out during Thursday 21st lunchtime, when I know the exact times I will post them on this blog.  Early morning and evening bookings will be no problem on that day.

I did so much spanking this week I ended up with a sore right hand, I have mastered the art of getting the marks in a small area, with no wrap around the hips, so easy to cover up with underwear, I think it’s due now to years of practice.  Always start with a good warm up with the hand, then a paddle, this is essential and minimises the marks, then on to the other implements, such as straps/tawse/cane.  I also have a couple of floggers that don’t really mark, but make a lovely heavy thwack sound.  I am now off to shop for a new strap, as I have had to retire one piece.  I am very picky with my equipment, only buying something if I know it will get used.


I also love doing role-play scenarios, so please let me know if you want this.  I do enjoy playing the bitchy boss, or the PA getting her own back!


As many people who have called me this week will know, I have been exceptionally busy, please call me early to arrange a session, phone on from 7am.

I can be booked in advance with a deposit, and some people think it will be fiddly to do, buying a deposit voucher is as easy as buying a bar of chocolate.  You simply go into a shop doing paypoint, just about every minimarket/garage in the country, just look for the sign outside the shop (google it and you will immediately recognise it).  Ask for one of the vouchers listed on my website, and call me with the voucher number, easy!