Availability 13/02/17 – 19/02/17


Monday 13th – Free all day

Tuesday 14th Free from 10.30

Wednesday 15th – Free all day

Thursday 16th – Free all day

Friday 17th – Free all day

Saturday 18th – Free all day

Sunday 19th – Free all day


As 99% of my appointments are made on the day my availability always looks good, but please call me as early as you can to arrange an appointment (phone on from 7am) as I see a limited amount of people each day.


Electric Butt Plugs, I have had to put the price up to £25.99 as that is now the price I can buy them at for your exclusive use and I can also store them for you, I will change the website to reflect this.  Please call me with 3 days notice to check if I have any in stock. For obvious reasons these toys cannot be shared which is why I offer to buy them in.