Here is my availability for the rest of the month.  As you all know I have had quite a bit of time off over the last few months as I have been having work done on the property I session in, by June 24th this should all be finished so I will be back to normal.  I have not always been able to put this on my diary, as I have had people coming and going at short notice to finish work off, and some work overran unexpectedly.


Monday 12th – Free after 12.30

Tuesday 13th – Free all day (A delivery is arriving between 12-12.30 not free during that time)

Wednesday 14th – I am expecting a large delivery on this day, I will be contacted in the morning to arrange a time, so please call for availability

Thursday 15th – Free all day

Friday 16th – Free all day

Saturday 17th – Booked

Sunday 18th – Booked

Monday 19th – 24th Not available as work being done to property I session in.

Sunday 25th – Free all day

Monday 26th – Free all day

Tuesday 27th – Free all day

Wednesday 28th – Free after 12.30

Thursday 29th – Free all day

Friday 30th – Free all day


As always, please call as early as you can on the day to arrange a session, 99% of people book me this way which is why my availability is so good.

Please dont call to arrange if this is a time listed as booked or not available, as I will not be able to answer.