Here is my availability for this week.


Monday 10th – Free all day

Tuesday 11th – Please call for availability

Wednesday 12th – Free all day

Thursday 13th – Free all day

Friday 14th – Free all day

Saturday 15th – Free all day

Sunday 16th – Only available from 9-10am

As always please call as early as you can on the day to arrange, my availability looks good at 99% of my appointments are made on the day.


It was a particularly nice week this week, someone was kind enough to bring me some lovely chocolate, something I would not have bought normally, but when I tasted it, loved it and will probably get more bars, rationed though as it’s very rich.  The very memorable session with the Male Chauvenist Pig, the cruel nettle session, I could go on.  The fan has made a huge difference, and so not too hot when I session, but it is due to get cooler this week.