My availability is below for the 10th-16th of April


Monday 10th – Free from 10-11am

Tuesday 11th – Free all day until 4.30

Wednesday 12th – Free all day

Thursday 13th – Free all day

Friday 14th – Free all day

Saturday 15th – Free all day

Sunday 16th – Free until 11.30, then free after 3.30


99% of my appointments are made on the day, which is why my availability is so good

Please call as early as you can to get the time you want.  My phone is on from 7am, so you can call before work.

It has been a great month so far, I am working over Easter this year, as I am taking a few days off in May instead from the 8th-10th, where I will be relaxing at home for a few days.  So feel free to call all over Easter weekend as I will be around.


A note on advance appointments, I have been inundated with people trying to book them this week without a deposit.   I have to take a deposit to secure these sessions, and it’s amazing how many people change their mind when they have to pay it, despite the fact I have been doing this for years, with a website that has been up for over 10 years so not going to run off with the money, and I can take deposits with no way of a wife or girlfriend finding out.  The reason people usually don’t want to pay? they know that if they change the day they loose their deposit, they are not 100% sure they can make it.  Too many will book on the off chance, getting out of work early, meeting finishing early, wife going out with a friend for the day, then changes her mind,  over the years I have had so many convince me that they couldn’t possibly cancel and taken the chance, only to then get a call saying they have to cancel.  I had a classic this week, someone called me sounding very convincing about a booking and bewildered that he had to pay a deposit, promising me he had the day off booked and could see me at any time and it was 100%, he then told me he would call on the day, 5 minutes later my phone rings and he is talking about a booking, emails exchanged over the last week to arrange, I then get really confused as I don’t have an email address to arrange sessions I do it all over the phone, so yes you’ve guessed it, he called the wrong person, he was hedging his bets and booking multiple ladies.