How cruel, a photo from my archives, trying to fit a large cock into a small chastity device, we did eventually manage it, but it was a stretch, as I like to say, it was like trying to fit 2 litres of water in to a one litre bottle! for all the people asking it’s the San Quentin, which I love, a cock behind bars, great name.


A while back now I upped my 1 hour rate from £150 to £160 the first rate rise in 9 years, half hour and 2+ hour session rates are left unchanged.  Most people don’t check my rate page before coming to see me, but thought I would post this on here as more people regularly read my blog.


I am around next week as follows.

Monday 9th, after 11.30 (Please call before 9am or after 11am if you want to arrange a session)

Tuesday 10th, free from 13.00 (Please call before 9am or after 12.30 if you want to arrange a session)

Wednesday 11th/Thursday 12th/Friday 13th/Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th around as normal.


Also some advance notice about December, as some of you plan a month ahead.  I am having work done on the house between the 14th-18th (possibly running into the 19th but will know closer to the time), I will be available in the evenings, but not during the day.  For the rest of the month I am around as normal, apart from Christmas day/Boxing Day.  So if you are planning to come and see me, the first 2 weeks and the last week of the month will be easier.  As I have said in previous years, I am an atheist so Christmas is not really a special time for me, I prefer to take time off when it’s hot and sunny!


Homemade Sex Toys/Sessions This Week.

It has been an exceptionally nice week, I got a lovely gift of a Citrus Juicer from someone who found it is very pleasurable to stick up his ass, not the textured end though! and he got me a nice un-used one I might add, sealed in the box.  Locking someone up in a chastity cage, spanking, strap-on, Malteasers.  He was exceptionally horny this month and it proved difficult to control him, so I had to be a little stricter than usual.P1000905

I dressed someone up in a lovely custom made white and blue outfit and spent 3 hours teasing him with it on, and it fitted perfectly thank goodness.  I did forget, if you’re reading this to compare Netflix shows with you, I have currently run out of things to watch.  Who doesn’t have Netflix these days, but I am terrible, I also have Skygo on my computer and Amazon Prime.  I loved Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad etc.  Too many shows at the moment have jumped the shark, which means the show has peaked and is now on the way down a saying from the show “Happy Days” see this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvGopsM1G9g this was the scene when the show went downhill and is now a well known saying.  I can recommend “American Sniper” though if you have Skygo, what an amazing film