Availability 07/09/15-13/09/15

I am around as normal all this week.  Please call early to get the time you want.


Personal Slaves

The subject has come up again, lots of people are asking me on the phone if they can do this, I could write an essay on why I don’t want a personal slave, but I don’t want to be bore my readers to tears with all the details, I will be putting this on the main site, to hopefully deter phone calls and requests.


Ms Heels

It has been a great month so far, with all the usual activities, also a visit from Ms Heels who wanted to show me how to pose for the camera, by copying some of my website gallery pictures, she bought me a lovely pair of pink ring doughnuts which matched her outfit, I think she expected me to share them with her, but I ate them both!P1000849