Availability 05/06/17-11/06/17


Monday 5th – Free all day

Tuesday 6th – Free all day

Wednesday 7th – Free all day

Thursday 8th – Free all day

Friday 9th – Free all day

Saturday 10th – Free until 6pm.

Sunday 11th – Free all day


As always please call early to get the time you want, my phone really is on from 7am.  Most people book me on the day which is why my availability is so good.


It  was a great week this week, someone came to see me and he was rather tall and thin, so I put him in my very expensive Lise Charmel baby doll and he looked really good in it, I felt like dressing someone up in my things, which is really hard to do as I am a small size for my height.  It was really easy to strap on fuck him in it, as I didn’t bother with knickers as they get in the way.  A lovely ball torture session, as well as plenty of electrics and spanking, and of course me as the lady boss again.  I think employment law is far too strict in this country and I should be able to deal with my employees as I see fit, if one of my male members of staff misbehaves he has to be punished, in a way I think will be the most humiliating for him.  A nice big strap on or a good thrashing, problem solved.