I am free all this week as normal, apart from Saturday, when I am fully booked.

I have just ordered a remote control butt plug for use in sessions as below.

http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22746          It will arrive later this week so cant wait to try it out.

People have asked me about my fantasies, what I would really like to do to someone, what is my absolute favourite thing to do, it has to be strap on.  I imagine myself at someone’s house, who does not know what I do, I walk past their bedroom and they have left their dildo/strap-on on the bed and I see it.  I then confront them and ask them what on earth they are doing with that in their bedroom, after all their a man, and what would they be doing with a big dildo! They look extremely embarrassed and try to make out it was left by an old girlfriend, but I am having none of it and decide to show them how I think they really use it, pinning them face down to their bed, eating their pillow, while I pull their trousers and pants down and fuck their ass.  So there you go, one of my fantasies.