Availability 04/07/16 – 10/07/16

Monday 4th – Free all day

Tuesday 5th – Free all day

Wednesday 6th – Free all day

Thursday 7th – Free all day

Friday 8th – Free all day

Saturday 9th – Free until 6pm

Sunday 10th – Free all day


Please call as early as you can in the morning to arrange for on the day appointments, most people especially on weekdays, call me from 7am so they can arrange their session before they go to work, and not have to run out of the office to make a phonecall, yes my phone really is on from 7am to make it easy for you to book me, plus the fact that I am up at 6am every day.

Apologies to anyone who tried to book me this weekend, it was busier than normal and several people called early to arrange very early, so by 10am  I was fully booked.


I pride myself on running to time, and not calling people asking them to come later or change their time, so that I can fit someone else in.  The time you arrange with me is definitely the time I will see you, I do not mess people about, unless it is a dire emergency, in 9 and a half years I have only cancelled 2 sessions.  Someone this week wanted me to move someone else to fit them in, I can’t do that, as I consider it really unprofessional, and not fair on the other person.  Please make sure the time you arrange is the time you can realistically do.


A great roleplay session today, punishing an employee for slacking off on the job, electo shock therapy to the penis, followed by a hard spanking, finishing with the cane.  A regular cross dresser I see Ms Heels has bought herself some new boobs, which I cant wait to get my hands on and fit her for a new bra this week.  Someone bought a huge realistic dildo for me to use on them, I still can’t believe they took it, but I must have used half a bottle of lube doing it.  So a good week and a lot of fun 🙂