I ordered some lovely new lingerie to session in this month, Lise Charmel “Magie Veda”, the only lingerie brand I will wear as nothing comes close to the quality they produce, as well as the fit.  It is coming from France, so lets hope it doesn’t take too long to arrive as I can’t wait to wear it.  I am also a fan of their silk dressing gowns, as I know some people who session with me are as well as it feels so lovely against the skin.

Why the blue gloves you ask? extra thick so I don’t get stung! I am making the most of nettle season this year.

I wore my Fitbit HR fit band during the session, an amazing gadget that monitors my heart rate, steps taken, time sleeping etc, I synched it after the session and found that I got into the fat burning zone for 71 minutes of the session!