The 5th of December 2006 is the date I registered and I have been around non stop since that date.  I really cant believe it has been that long, so at some point this month I will be getting a celebratory cake, if you are lucky enough to turn up on that date I will offer you a free slice.


December Availability

I am around all of this month almost as normal, although I have a few days with more limited availability as below.

16th December, free from 12.30

18th December, free from 11.30

30th December, free from 2.

I am off on Christmas Day/Boxing Day, and New Years day.  I don’t really celebrate Christmas as I am an atheist, so don’t regard this time of year as anything special, but am going to enjoy putting my feet up and watching Netflix marathons on my 3 days off, mind you knowing me by Boxing Day I will be bored to tears, as I find taking time off and stopping almost impossible.