What is so special about the 5th of December 2006?.  It is the day bought the mistressrose.co.uk domain name and started my career as a pro-domme.  I genuinely like what I do, which is probably why I have lasted 10 years.


If I was going to offer any advice for anyone going into this, and I have been asked many times over the years I always say, remember the basics.

Don’t try and do everything, and feel you need to offer a list of services as long as war and peace.  It’s really is about you, not your stuff.  My (kinky) brain is my biggest asset.

Be professional and don’t try and cram lots of people in all in one day.

Run to time and don’t mess people about.

And lastly, Listen to what someone wants in a session in detail, don’t just guess. Simple!


My website has had lots of different looks over the years, I have tinkered with the wording, adding and subtracting services, and gaining lots of experience along the way.   The time has gone so fast I cant believe I have been doing it this long.  I just have to decide how to celebrate it? knowing me a big cake, or a large box of chocolates.  Talking of which I have had a great week, and enjoyed the lovely chocolates I was bought (thanks Ben) I particularly love the millionaires shortbread.  I have gone online and ordered some lovely chocolate from a french brand Rococo, which I am going to enjoy this weekend, cant wait for it to arrive now.


I am adjusting my dungeon a bit more, putting a wardrobe in it and buying a few more girlie dresses for all of you to wear who are into cross-dressing,  trouble is putting the thing together, hopefully it will happen at some point this or next week.  I really loved the pink tutu prom dress I put the male chauvinist pig in, so I may get a few more like that as well as the tarty street hooker look.  Don’t expect hours of makeup and hair though (although I can do a basic version of this), I prefer to dress you up quick and concentrate more time on having fun.  Most people coming to see me who bring their own undies, pop into the local Sainsbury’s, grab the first thing they see in the ladies underwear section, then rush off to the self service till, pay, and then get to mine, with a 34B bra and a pair of size 10 knickers, which rarely fit, it always makes me smile seeing the Tu at Sainsbury’s label on everything, and the tiny bras.  Luckily I have a few 42C’s in reserve.


I have had a few people ask me about Christmas/December availability.   As I say every year now,  I am an atheist, and don’t really feel the need to celebrate Christmas, its just another day to me, but I tend to go along with the traditional celebrations so I am not a total killjoy.  I will be around for that month, apart from Christmas Day and Boxing Day, any changes to that will be posted on here.