I cant believe it’s Friday already, I have had a nice busy week.  I am around all day tomorrow (Friday 9th) until about 7pm, and on Saturday around during the daytime until about 6pm, so if you want an appointment on that day call me nice and early to arrange.

Lots of electrics as well this week, so much so I am down to my last 2 sets of electrodes, so I am off to buy more tonight online, there was me thinking I had bought enough to last the month.

I did get someone call a couple of times wanting a 15 minute taster session, just in case it was not his thing, he didn’t want to risk booking and hour or half hour.   This is the first time in my 6 and a half years of doing this that I have been asked such a question, I don’t offer these as it is just not worth my while.