So far I am around all of this week 24th-30th Of June, apart from Monday 24th, when I am free from 3.30.

I did a nice early morning session yesterday, then out to the shops to buy food for the cat’s.  I am a cat lover and have 2, one is special needs and has to be kept in, the other Tabby is allowed out and loves to spend time outside, sunbaking his fur when he gets the chance.  The more I talk to people about them the more I find out lots of people are just as bad as me, even swapping boasting picture of our cats!

Another great week.  I have been looking into buying a few more pieces of equipment, however, it’s the proper cleaning of some things that are the problem and why I can’t offer certain services that people have requested.  Some gadgets people have wanted me to get are just not suitable to be shared.

My shopping list for next month is another maids outfit and a new leather strap.