What a lovely week, I made someone cum with my e-stim again, he got to 86% and then came, without me noticing until a few seconds afterwards, thankfully he recovered quickly enough to go for round two, some strap-on, so he had a lot of stamina. Some lovely precision caning sessions, I am a real stickler for getting the marks in the right place, no wrapping around the hips or on the tops of the legs or thighs.

The wanking schedules are popular although the person I originally did it for confessed that he didn’t follow it properly and failed on the final day, so a cruel one is below for him. Follow it if you dare!

Monday – Ruined orgasm am
Tuesday – Ruined orgasm pm
Wednesday – Orgasm evening
Thursday – Nothing
Friday – Nothing
Satuday – Wank until close then stop
Sunday – Ruined orgasm am, then wank and have an orgasm pm.

Also to my Aussies, any of you coming over in the next few months, can you bring me over some Europe Summer Rolls and Europe Nougat Honey Log, you can get them in Coles and Woolworths apparently, I will pay for them, I don’t expect them for free, thanks 🙂