This week commencing 28th.
I am around Monday 28th June-Friday 2nd July as usual. I am not available on Saturday 3rd, and only available on Sunday 4th after 4pm.

Important message for someone who wrote me a letter this week enclosing a deposit for an advance session, I have no way of contacting you, there were no details in the letter, I have no idea how long the session is for, and as per my website I am no longer taking advance session bookings due to a high cancellation rate. It is extremely important that you do not turn up for this session as I have not talked to you on the phone to arrange this. You need to contact me as a matter of urgency to discuss this, I know you have seen me before. I have to have a phone number in order to arrange a session, I make no exceptions to this rule.

To anyone who wants to book a session and remain anonymous, go into a mobile phone shop or supermarket, you can buy a throwaway phone and sim card, or you can use an old phone and put a new pay as you go sim in it. Use this phone to book sessions, the sim is tiny and easy to hide, lots of people have old sim cards hanging around their house so they don’t look out of place.