More and more people are telling me they have had issues accessing my website.  More rules are being brought in to prevent minors from looking at unsuitable content, the “Online Safety Bill” which has been passed into law will put in more restrictions.  Until they issue guidance I am not sure what it will mean for my site, but I assume there will be some sort of online age verification system to access sites like mine, similar to the one the mobile phone providers use. I deliberately keep my site as clean as possible, with no nudity and I still do well.    

Mobile phone providers have done age verification for a long time now,  putting an over 18 lock on browsing the internet, so any sites that they deem “Adult” will be blocked to prevent children from accessing unsuitable content.  You can easily have this block taken off by calling your provider, or going to their website and verifying using your credit card.  

You may be using a browser that is blocking adult content, I have come across this so many times, with people not being able to get on my site, assuming I must have closed! again this can easily be taken off if you go into the settings, if you are not sure how to do this, just google the instructions for the browser you are using.

Others have a VPN on and don’t realize it, this changes the location you are browsing from, normally another country, some anti-virus packages come with these now built in.   Someone else in your household could be using one on the PC at home and keep it on all the time without you realizing it.  Many use this to view foreign websites which don’t allow viewers outside of their country to view the content, examples of this are popular American TV channels broadcasting shows before they are released in the UK.  If you then search for my website, it will give results that are totally different to the ones you will get if you are searching on a UK version of the search engine.

Most people do not type in my website address but rely on a search engine, you don’t need to do this, simply type the URL of my site in which is:, at the top of your browser, you will see it right now if you look at the top of this page.   This is the easiest way to get my site up, this is how I get sites up that I want to visit, until recently I didn’t realize that most people don’t do this and use a search engine for everything.


My new photos will be up some time next week, this is why I was unavailable yesterday.