The big fan is coming out again, we are due to have hot weather at the end of the week, and if I switch it on and point it at whatever piece of equipment I have you on, it will keep us both cool, cold showers, as well as hot are available, and bottles of cold water. I have also bought an air cooler tower with a large water tank, which is meant to cool the room down quickly, and arrives on Friday (8/7/22).

A note on showers, my energy fix ends mid next month, and the price is just over double what I am currently paying. I ended up spending ages researching what to do, a variable rate or fixed, and due to the energy cap going up in October went for the fix as the cheaper variable rate will be more come October according to all the experts. I shopped around, and there is nothing I can do to get it down, I was on an incredible fixed deal for ages which is now over, hence why my cost has gone up so much. If anyone wants a shower, they are welcome to have one, but I will only be putting the water heating on if someone requests they need one due to increased costs. If you need one before the session, please let me know at the time of booking, if you want one at the end of a session, make sure you let me know as we start the session.

I have sadly decided to cancel my much waited for holiday in September, I cant risk the delays and cancellations, and hearing horror stories about huge flight delays and multiple cancellations from people coming back from their trips so many times has made me switch it all to next year sadly. Hopefully things will be better in 2023.