Some memorable sessions this week, edging someone until they were begging to cum, then putting them in my shower room, and switching the power shower onto cold and freezing their cock and balls. A long tie and tease session yesterday, we had to take a 10 minute break in the middle as he found it harder to take than he thought, which made me laugh, I am very hands on and like to make it as difficult as possible. I do like it when someone begs me to finish them off, then I say no and watch them suffer.
Introducing someone to strap on and by their 2nd session, they could take the big red one, very pleased about that. Then making someone who is a macho man, who looks like he would never ever wear womens underwear put panties and a fishnet dress on with holdups and take my training dildo, it was his first time doing it, and it made his cock so hard, which added to the humiliation. So far a great week.

Evening sessions (after 6pm)- I am still doing them for existing clients, and happy to do them provided I am given enough notice. Please let me know as early as you can in the day if you want an appointment after 6pm. I did cut back on these appointments for a while, as so many people were underestimating the traffic at that time of day and were arriving late, or cancelling as they couldn’t get to me in time, this seems to have improved in the last few months.