I got a lovely gift of a monster dildo, as someone ordered it and it was just too big, I got out my measuring tape and it is 12″ long and 8″ thick, I think I will use it as a novelty door stop as it’s so huge, not to mention heavy.

Someone arrived with slutty lingerie under their clothes, bright red, and cheap nylon, then I remembered with Valentines day around the corner there is so much of that stuff out there to buy at the moment. It was a little dress with matching thong, but the thong was almost unwearable, it was a little triangle with a dental floss thin back. It had to come off for easy access anyway. I love to guess before someone reveals their outfit to me whether they are classy or slutty, slutty usually wins.

Someone asked me this week for a link to where I get my condoms for the dildos and lube, it is the cheapest place I have found, and sells all the well known brands, they are reliable and always deliver fast https://www.freedoms-shop.com/

Wanking Schedule for Sam

Monday 4th – Nothing

Tuesday 5th – Can wank until close then stop *5

Wednesday 6th – Nothing

Thursday 7th – Can wank until close then stop *5

Friday 8th – Orgasm allowed

Saturday 9th/10th – Nothing