An eventful few days, my lovely cat needed major dental surgery, but came through it like nothing happened, probably because he is an ex stray, big bruiser of a cat who got through many scrapes, I like to think of his next few years as his relaxing retirement, he is such a lazy boy. I am a sucker for a hard case.

Someone bought me some lovely chocolates from a fantastic place in London that I love, and I have been rationing them which has been hard as they are so nice.

Lots of corporal punishment recently, but do tell me if I do it too hard, I can do very light to hard, I have been upping the weight training on my arms and upper body, now able to do a few pull ups unaided, which I have been working up to for years, harder to achieve for a woman like me with naturally weedy arms. On the upside it means I have a harder hit!

I am doing some new pictures next month for my website, so watch out for them at the end of November:)