It is getting very spring like, someone bought me a lovely bouquet of new seasons nettles, so if any of you reading this thought you would be the first, you have been beaten to it. It was a great session and a lovely surprise, I thought it would be another month before I could do that.

Watching lots of Netflix as usual and came across a Norwegian program called Borderliner (crime/thriller), my Norwegian is a bit rusty so have to rely on subtitles, that’s the only thing with foreign language programs, you cant take your eyes of the screen for a minute. Also a fascinating documentary called Icarus about doping in sports starting off in cycling then Russian doping. I am starting to run out of shows, so any recommendations are welcome, just no romantic comedies please.

Also a note on evening sessions, I don’t do that many anymore, I have become much busier during the day and its become harder to fit people in during the evening due to this. I don’t block book lots of people in back to back on any given day, preferring a more relaxed pace, and to make sure I am on top form. My sessions are quite intense, and I am a bit of a perfectionist I don’t want to session tired. If you want to see me in the evening, try and arrange it with me as early as you can in the day if possible, once you know a definite time. People who have not seen me before, latest session is 5-6pm.

Also Ben, how is the workout going, have you got the rock hard abs yet? I have not forgotten, I am working on mine even more! I need an update.