Here is my availability for the week ahead.

Monday November 13th – Free from 9am – 6pm

Tuesday November 14th – Free from 9am – 6pm

Wednesday November 15th – Free from 9am – 6pm

Thursday November 16th – Free from 9am – 6pm

Friday November 17th – Free from 9am – 6pm

Saturday November 18th – Free from 9-10am only

Sunday November 19th – Free from 9-10am only


All appointments on the day, via phone call (no texts).  No deposit is required.

Please let me know if you need a shower, as I have to put the heating on in advance.


Easy Booking System

To book, just call me on the day via the phone, no texts, calls only.  No deposit is required.  I do not accept bookings in advance.

Payment by bank transfer (preferred method) or cash.   Please only use cash to pay me if you are unable to do a bank transfer as it is hard and expensive to bank cash, I am still happy to take it however.

Please tell me if you need a shower as I have to switch the water heating on.



Again I am having issues with people storing things temporarily with me, and not picking their things up in good time.  I will be doing another clear out next month, please call me if you need to collect anything, you do not have to book a session to do this.  I am unable to store lots of bulky things for long periods, I just don’t have the space.  I can store things that fit in a small carrier bag if you session with me once a month, but if you are an occasional visitor I am unable to do this.


Online Safety Bill

The bill has now passed, we wait to see what will happen in the coming months.

Please save my number, as well as the numbers of anyone else you see just incase I am taken offline.  I know most delete my number from their phones and look my details up each and every time they book me, which is why I mention this.