I went online shopping 3 weeks ago and bought some new outfits for people coming to see me. I didn’t realize they would arrive so quickly. For those who like to dress up in a slutty way, stretch fishnet dresses, crotch-less panties and a few other 1 use disposable outfits are waiting for you in lipstick pink, bright red and classic black. All made of the finest nylon for a really tarty look. I also bought myself a new lady boss dress, you can google it, Winsor London Miracle dress in black, it was a bargain, I got it off someone who had bought too small a size and left it too late to return.

I discovered a new favourite chocolate Neuhaus Irresistibles, seriously delicious, chocolate triangles, with a crunchy layer under the chocolate, then a soft centre, they are amazing, and I rationed them as they are so rich, no lockdown belly here though as I am still keeping up the workouts, getting up nice and early, which is more pleasant now that its light in the mornings.

I watched a video online today about the people who were denied furlough by their employer during the pandemic which is of course ongoing, I don’t think most people realize how many gaps in the support schemes there have been. It really is like the government have supported just enough people to keep the majority happy and don’t care about the lives left in tatters, if you have had the benefit of furlough, consider what your financial circumstances as well as mental health would be now if you had not have got it. I like to mention this every so often in my blog, as so many people are totally clueless to the massive collateral damage currently going on and getting worse by the month.

At least the spring is on the way, brighter mornings, and hopefully a decent summer weather wise, that always cheers me up. I am still around for webcam and phone chat, phone being the most popular option, feel free to call me for details.